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  • Dunnett Central is the website of the Dorothy Dunnett Society. It is based in Edinburgh and has over 500 members in Scotland, England, Wales, Ireland, USA, Canada, Australia, Germany, New Zealand, South Africa, France and other countries.
  • Dorothy Dunnett is Bill Marshall's 'celebration and commemoration of Dorothy Dunnett O.B.E - the finest writer I have ever come across or ever expect to, and one of the most vibrant, generous and open-hearted people I have ever known.' Also has a fantastic collection of vintage Dunnett book covers.
  • Dorothy Dunnett Society is a Facebook group run by the Society on Dunnett and her books.
  • The Crawford of Lymond Appreciation Society is a Facebook group about the Dunnett series on Francis Crawford of Lymond.
  • @DunnettCentral is the Twitter handle for the Dorothy Dunnett Society - embedded Twitter feed is on right.