Dorothy Dunnett Gatherings, Victoria

Dorothy Dunnett OBE (25 August 1923 – 9 November 2001) was an influential historical novelist, a professional portrait painter, a passionate researcher and a leading light in the Scottish arts world. Dunnett was a Renaissance woman, talented in many different fields, and was awarded an OBE in 1992 for her services to literature. More biography …

Dunnett is best known for her six-part series on Francis Crawford of Lymond, The Lymond Chronicles, which she followed with the eight-part The House of Niccolò. She also wrote a novel about the historical Macbeth, King Hereafter, and a light-hearted series of mystery novels. More on the books …

Every year in November on International Dorothy Dunnett Day, readers around the world gather to raise a glass to the 'warm, funny and charismatic' writer of this fascinating and unique body of work.

On IDDD, Dunnett enthusiasts from all over Victoria usually get together in Melbourne for food, wine and chat. If you would like to attend IDDD this year or go on our discussion list, please contact us.

Dunnett photo
From Dunnett Central, © Alison Dunnett